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Thank you for helping us provide educational scholarships and advocate for people with disabilities.


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Stevie's Birthday Announced!
May 18, 2013
Posted by Stevie Hopkins

On June 15th, we will be hosting Stevie’s 30th Birthday Party! Instead of having a regular party, Stevie decided to use his big day to support Annie’s Foundation. All are invited and we encourage you to bring friends and family. It is our lowest cost event yet, as we just want to cover the cost of the party. 

In lieu of gifts, please make a donation to Annie’s Scholarship Fund. 


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
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Scholarships Announced
April 15, 2013
Posted by Stevie Hopkins

After four years of raising funds for Annie's Scholarship, we finally have enough to give out two scholarships! Every year, we will be giving a $500 gift certificate to two students, one at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and one at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the two universities at which Annie studied. We donated $30,000 to the Illinois Foundation to create an endowment that will forever issue these scholarships!

Every year at UIUC, an undergraduate student who works for or is a recipient of services at the Department of Rehabilitation and Education Services will receive a $500 scholarship. The student must be in good academic standing and have a passion for advocacy in and building the disability community.

Every year at UIC, a graduate level student who is enrolled in either the Master's or PhD program for Disability Studies or Disability Human Development will receive a $500 scholarship. The award recipient must be a student who is researching, studying, or writing on one of the following topics: (1) Disability & Sex, Relationship, & Dating, (2) The Social Model of Disability, or (3) Social Entrepreneurship. 

We have created these scholarships with Annie's personality, career, and passions in mind. We hope to foster the academic ambitions of students who would most live like Annie!

Thank you so much for your contributions over the past few years. We are so excited to finally be able to create these scholarships. Our goal is to increase the value of these scholarships and create more shcolarships like these at universities all over the country. 

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June 15, 2013
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